Dec 2022

University of Windsor

School of Computer Science Presents
Fall Demo Day 2022

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About the
CS Demo Day

The School of Computer Science Demo Day is a academic showcase during the students of the University of Windsor present the work and projects they did during the year.

Interested in Computer Science ? The CS Demo Day is an unique opportunity to connect academics and professionals. Come and discover the work of our talented students.

Meet our students

Connect with professionals

Discuss with Academics and Faculties

Key Dates


Nov 23, 2022 : Abstract Submission
Nov 30, 2022 : Final Decision
Dec 2, 2022 : Author Notification of Acceptance


Nov 1, 2022 : Demo Day Registration Opens


Dec 8, 2022 – 10am to 1pm : Fall Demo Day

What Topics we will Discuss


Artificial Intelligent & Machine Learning

Discover our student projects using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Research is the creation of new knowledge and/or the use of existing knowledge in a new. Discover how our students contribute to research.


Internet wouldn't evolve without Database and Network. Discover how our students contribute to these fields.

Drone applications & AR

Discover how our students mastered emerging technologies including drones applications and AR.

Data Visualization & Graph data

Data visualization is an efficient way of communicating when the data is numerous.

Full Stack Development & NLP

Discover how our students are mastered in the development of both front end & back end portions of web application.