Apr 2022

University of Windsor

School of Computer Science Presents
CS Demo Day 2022

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About the
CS Demo Day

The School of Computer Science Demo Day is a academic showcase during the students of the University of Windsor present the work and projects they did during the year.

Meet our students

A day to connect students and professionals

Discuss with Academics and Faculties

Why Attend CS Demo Day

Interested in Computer Science ? The CS Demo Day is an unique opportunity to connect academics and professionals. Come and discover the work of our talented students.

What Topics we will Discuss


Artificial Intelligent & Machine Learning

Discover our student projects using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Research is the creation of new knowledge and/or the use of existing knowledge in a new. Discover how our students contribute to research.


Internet wouldn't evolve without Database and Network. Discover how our students contribute to these fields.

Drone applications & AR

Discover how our students mastered emerging technologies including drones applications and AR.

Data Visualization & Graph data

Data visualization is an efficient way of communicating when the data is numerous.

Full Stack Development & NLP

Discover how our students are mastered in the development of both front end & back end portions of web application.